Culturia show donderdag 22 januari 2009 om 20:30 Adres: derde Kostverlorenkade 35 amsterdam

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Het is weer tijd voor de eerste Culturiashow van 2009. Dit keer is het centrale thema: lichaamstaal. De taal die we volgens onderzoekers het meest gebruiken. Mijn gasten zijn dit keer: Madame Salsa. Een salsagroep van vier meiden. Ronald Oudman met : "Richtlijnen voor vrouwen". Eindelijk! Last but not least. De fameuze amateur voetbaltrainer: dhr. Pleisterman. En laten we vooral niet vergeten dat in het Latijn amateur liefhebber betekend. Dus ik zeg van ganser harte:"Culturia, een show voor amateurs!"

What Rahm Emanuel can learn from crazy lefties

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in an unexpectedly tight runoff race to win re-election. His opponent, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, has hammered Emanuel's union-busting and other neoliberal tendencies.

In an interview with The New York Times, an Emanuel adviser sneered at left-wing critics and their political aspirations in classic [url=][/url]
"Rahmbo" fashion:

"Unless they get the crazy lefty money machine going nationally, it鈥檚 not going to matter that there鈥檚 a resurgent left," said an adviser to Mr. Emanuel who did not want to speak publicly about strategy. "The liberals at Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park can think great thoughts and read poetry for Chuy, but nothing else will happen." []

The adviser is probably right about the money. Politics is an expensive business, and fundraising is an inescapable part of the job. [url=][/url]
There isn't a lot of money flowing to the crazy left wing, which is why Garcia is being so colossally outspent.

However, there is another side to this story. Emanuel's deep strategic weaknesses on policy and politics are a direct result of his predilection for bashing the left. And his predicament is indicative of a major problem with American liberalism. By foreclosing the kind of egalitarian policy that is necessary to improve the fortunes of most people in an age of stark inequality, and by repeatedly denying itself an anchor in the left, the Democratic Party has sowed the seeds of its current political difficulties.

The story of the left wing's brokeness is more interesting than it might seem. One explanation, of course, is that traditional left politics is directly opposed to the interests of organized money. Another is that left-wing institutions, like unions, have been systematically destroyed over the last half-century.

Another, less appreciated explanation is the brutal repression of organized left-wing movements. Historically, America has had several homegrown socialist organizations 鈥?the Socialist Party of America once [url=][/url]
achieved a fifth of the vote in Oklahoma, for instance. But such movements have always been crushed by state repression and paroxysms of paranoid hysteria before they could get up a head of steam.

American liberals of the Emanuel-ian mode were eager participants in the , which obliterated those Oklahoman socialists, and in the second one, which made frenzied anti-leftism a precondition for mainstream politics. Left-bashing developed enough momentum to carry it far beyond the death of the Soviet Union 鈥?as late as 2004, Peter Beinart wrote in bold of purging [url=][/url]
antiwar voices like Michael Moore and MoveOn from the Democratic Party.

The moderate liberalism exemplified by the likes of Emanuel, Andrew Cuomo, and Hillary Clinton stands for capitalist-friendly policy with a few side benefits for the masses, like education and health care. Such policy was an easy sell in the 1950s and 1960s, when economic growth was easily passed down the socioeconomic ladder. But today, essentially all income growth is rich.

Emanuel-style policy, [url=][/url]
with its small-bore benefits and suspicion of unions, stands of changing that situation. To make things worse, this accrues to the benefit of the Republican Party, which can always go even farther in promising policies that benefit the rich. A more left-wing Emanuel would likely have avoided this runoff election, but he and his allies have driven out anyone who might have convinced him of the shortcomings of neoliberalism.

The Democratic Party's desperate need for an organized left wing becomes more apparent every day. In nations like Sweden, socialists have provided a key political and organizational foundation. But American liberals have nothing comparable to the mobilized reactionaries of the Tea Party, and no one to drive turnout when the president isn't on the ticket.

Rahm Emanuel is a cynical, mean-spirited politician who unquestionably would have fit right in with the liberal red-baiters of the '50s. As such, he has found himself in trouble. Just like Andrew Cuomo, he expected to sail to re-election on a massive tide of political fundraising, but faced a strong challenger who came seemingly out of nowhere.

And like Cuomo, Emanuel may well win. But his national [url=][/url]
aspirations are fading fast. It turns out money can only do so much to obscure a politician's failure to materially improve the lives of his constituents.

See- Artist paints lovely portraits to save his sick dog

A Utah artist is painting portraits of other peoples' dogs to [url=][/url]
raise money for cancer treatments for his beloved 5-year-old boxer, Charlie. 
Shaun Mitchell calls his business, Paints for Charlie, in honor of his dog. After posting flyers online and around his town of West Jordan, Utah, he's getting lots of requests from fellow dog lovers.
鈥淭hey want to help Charlie," Mitchell tells CNN affiliate , "I could never ask for anything better."
The proceeds go toward Charlie's experimental treatments, which requires Mitchell and his dog to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, once a week. To get more information or order your own portrait, you can visit Mitchell's .

It's official- 'The X

The new [url=][/url]
series is produced by Fox and will go into production this summer. It's yet to be confirmed when it will be
"The X-Files" first hit TV screens in September 1993, telling the story of supernatural-obsessed FBI agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder and his skeptical partner Dana Scully. A huge global hit, the show [url=][/url]
ran for nine seasons and won 16 Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globes. The series ended in 2002, and Mulder and Scully were last seen in [url=][/url]
the movie "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" in 2008.
The return of the "X-Files" will be more welcome news for fans of [url=][/url]
FBI agents entangled in '90s weirdness: "Twin Peaks" is , although creator David Lynch has said that's not as [url=][/url]
certain as we may have hoped.

Wild Animals Can Help 'Predict" Earthquakes, Scientists Say

Wild animals can predict earthquakes several [url=][/url]
weeks before they strike, and motion-activated cameras that track their movements could be adopted in quake-prone countries as an affordable early warning system, scientists said on Tuesday. A series of cameras placed in an Amazon region of Peru recorded changes in animal behavior three weeks before a 7.0 magnitude quake hit the area in 2011, according to a study published in the journal In a 23-day period before the earthquake, scientists recorded five or fewer animal sightings a day, compared with five to 15 sightings per day previously. For five of the seven days immediately before the quake, no animal movements were recorded, which was highly unusual for the mountainous rainforest region, the study's authors said.Scientists have long believed that animals can predict earthquakes, but have until now relied on anecdotal evidence of changes in animal behavior, they said. As far as we know, this is the first time that motion-triggered cameras have documented this phenomenon prior to an earthquake, Rachel Grant, lead author of the report and lecturer in Animal and Environmental Biology at Britain's Anglia Ruskin University, said in a university news release.TEAM NetworkA paca, a ground-dwelling rodent, was among the animals whose activities were recorded by cameras in Yanachaga National Park in Peru in the weeks prior to a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in 2011.

Tories and Labour neck and neck as Ukip support slips

In particular, 43 per cent think their family鈥檚 financial situation -
would be better off under the Conservative pair, compared with 33 per cent who think the same of Mr Miliband and Mr Balls.聽
Britons think Mr Osborne would make a better Chancellor than Mr Balls by 42 per cent to 32 per cent.
However, many voters still complain they are not feeling better off than in 2010, when the coalition came to power.聽
Although two in five adults 鈥?40 per cent 鈥?think the state of the economy has improved since 2010, people are more likely to think their family鈥檚 financial situation is worse than better compared with five years ago, by 33 per cent to 24 per cent.聽
Mr Cameron has a commanding lead over Mr Miliband on who would make the better prime minister after May, by 49 per cent to 33 per cent.聽
Extraordinarily, 24 per cent of those intending to vote Labour think Mr Cameron would be better.

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Dwight Howard will likely return tomorrow

So, Dwight is coming back not because he's all the way ready, but because the other Rockets are so banged up. Great. It's likely he'll be eased back at 15-20 minutes a game, but that's still 15-20 minutes of potential for aggravating a not-fully-healed injury.

Yes, the Rockets have been getting beat up on the boards and could really use some help banging against the biggest bodies every night, and yes, Dwight's going to need time to get up to speed so he's fully ready for the playoffs, but none of that will be helped if he reinjures himself and has to be shut down.

Make no mistake, it's exciting to have the Rockets' second-best player back, but I don't know if it's worth it right now. Anyway, stay healthy, Dwight.

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